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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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tunnel and fort mchenry tunnel. frederick road we have volume out there but no incidents. traffic is moving smoothly. no problems to report also on the jfx at northern parkway. hardly anybody out there on the road right now. most of our traffic in a few minutes will go southbound. here's a few cars at cold spring but no incidents in your way. charley. a search after a 14-year- old girl was reportedly sexually assaulted while walk her dog. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the story. she is live in anne arundel don'ty. >> reporter: yes, we are -- county. >> reporter: yes are, we are here at the police department inmillersville war 14-year-old girl was sex -- where a 14-year- old girl was sexually assaulted by two men. police say a young lady gave them a good description of the men. the suspects are in their early 20s between 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 11 inches tall. one has short brown hair and the other shaggy brown hair.
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the incident happened tuesday afternoon around 3:00 in a crofton neighborhood. police say two young men pulled up in a car and got out and grabbed the girl and sexually assaulted her. authorities say that the victim's account of the attack is credible and officers don't believe that she knew the attackers. >> certainly concerning to the police department. we understand a incident like this can cause angst in the community. we will have an increased presence in the area. >> reporter: many neighbors say they are happy to hear there will be increased presence because they are a little nervous right now after that incident happened. now police also say that they are looking for an older four- door red sedan with faded paint. coming up, we will hear more on what neighbors have to say about the incident. reporting live in millersville,sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the case is beginning to develop in the situation unfolding again in anne arundel don'ty. others this morning involve an 11 and 13-year-old girl.
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tuesday the 11-year-old girl says a man in white van tried to give her a ride home. she refused and ran home and told her parents who called police. the second happened tuesday in annapolis a13-year-old girl saw a man hiding in bush near the bus stop in quiet waters park. abc2 is working to ensure your child's safety. tips to consider. parents, work out a plan with your kids on what they need to do if they are approached by a stranger. also, tell your children to walk in groups and always encourage them to tell you about things they may see when away from home. two vacant buildings are piles of rubble in south baltimore this morning. two buildings collapsed around dinner time yesterday near the sit section -- intersection of light and east austin streets across from light street and pratt library. at first there was worry homeless men were inside but firefighters confirmed no one was hurt. the buildings were reportedly built in the 1920s. identifying a stolen truck
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apparently there's an app for that. we told you about the tanker on the -- of gas stolen on tuesday and this morning it's been discovered in philadelphia. a policeman spotted it parked between the church and abandoned factory and thought it looked odd. he checked out a news app on the phone and compared the vehicle photos to the missing truck and determined it was a stolen tanker in front of him. truck was filled with nearly 12,000 dollars worth of gasoline when it was found. police think the thieves may have parked it there until they found someone to buy the gas. the search continues for suspects this morning. a man is in a jail cell charged in the death of a woman in drum yeah. -- columbia. dominic mcdonald killed nicole mcnair and we they believe it happened so mcdonald could make a bail payment. a man wanted in another murder turned himself in to police yesterday. anthony parker is charged with stabbing phillip weiss. witnesses say the two got into a fight and police say parker showed up at the howard county
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station last night to turn himself in. could fort dietrich be the site of a cancer cluster. that's what two citizen groups are claiming and say the army are covering it up. linda so is here to explain. >> reporter: people who live near fort dietrich says so many neighbors and family members developed cancers. they say they have dozens of informants who have been feeding them secret information about a massive cover-up by the army. for decades, fort dietrich was the site for the army biological weapons program. scientists experimented with chemicals and people living in the area say the toxic chemicals are leaking into the ground. those groups say they conducted a year long investigation that found a startling number of people with cancer living in that area. 22 people on kel lane and 42 on rocky springs and 6 -- kemp lane and 42 on rocky springs. christian's father says he spent years to press them to explain why so many people
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developed cancer. >> my daughter was diagnosed of having brain cancer at the age of 28 and died in my arms at 29 1/2. since the last press conference i have lost 6 family members who lived in the fort dietrich area. >> reporter: the state health department is look into the claims but says it has yet to find a link. fort dietrich denies cover-up and hired outside agencies to investigate pollution. linda so, abc2 news. a stroke of good luck for some people. along the patapsco river. the boat began to sink near the hanover street bridge but a firefighter deeive team was training nearby and rescued the boaters -- dive team was training nearby and rescued the boaters. the boat belonged to a bge contractor inspecting underwater utilities. locked and load for a cure is what they are aiming for at loch raven skeet and trap
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center. skelly -- kelly swoope was there. she is a rookie but she still managed to hit the target. next month, organizers hope you will join them for raising money for the susan g komen maryland affiliate. . >>i think it's a great idea. i actually have a friend that has gone through breast cancer and is a survivor, so it's wonderful thing they are doing. >> we decided that we will do something different and unique and give the opportunity to take their aggression out on breast cancer. >> so to do your part go there october 1st and 2nd and there are many ways to donate and we have the information on all monies raise led go to the komen -- raised will go towardskomen maryland in if you are participating in the swim across america event to raise awareness for cancer prevention and treatment, participants swim as far as they can and one of the swims was supposed to be in the bay. but due to the run off it is
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moved to the meadow brook aquatic in mount washington. first is 8 and the one that is moved will start at 10. for more information or to register go to swim across news time 5:06. if you are getting up and thinking about breakfast, fruit always is a great option. but if you are craving canteloupe you may want to think twice. the recall we have to tell you about. and you hear a lot about marathon runners loading up on carbs all the time. but mcdonald's? one runner says yes. we will tell you why when good morning maryland continues on this thursday morning. waóóycw
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now "good morning maryland." new for you this morning, death toll from the tore nido this ripped through joplin missouri has gone up. two more people were added to the total making it 162 dead. the tornado damaged or destroyed 8,000 homes and businesses. it hit back in may and was one of the deadliest and most destructive in u.s. history. in the skies over chandler, arizona, this is a sight creating a buzz.
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local media captured the pictures of a glowing orange light and an object is that streaked across the sky. it could be a meteor. a spokesman says the aviation unit did confirm seeing a meteor but there hasn't been any reports of an impact site. they are reports that something similar was going on in san diego, los angeles and las vegas. justin, do we think ufos? >> well, you know, you never know but considering your google story, i think that's the only streaking we could consider to show on tv in the morning hours. that's worth sticking around for. >> good. good. >> thank you. we have got ourselves quite a few lightning strikes here. we got the flash and booms going up in through frederick county up just around gettysburg and passion into adams county this morning. and we have a look at more storms on back towards the west. wider radar highlights the fact that we have got a solid shield of rain back into the mountains. push initially will pass to the north and west. and yesterday like -- like
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yesterday's showers a few lined up west of i-95. we will catch up on this this morning. and 66 degrees right now in baltimore. 70 in easton. a sign of the warmth. cool air filters in. so scattered showers possible to develop this morning. but a better chance close to lunchtime. 749 midday high and fall back to the 60s during the afternoon. we will talk about the chill for the weekend coming up. 5:12 right now. let's see what's happening on the roads. cars streak by. >> reporter: right. very few cars streaking by. route 22 at mount royal road in harford county, we have an incident there. it is in aberdeen. that is live look at 95 at 175. traffic building in both directions here but traveling from hanover and dorsey to salveage and laurel, no problems on your trip. fort mchenry tunnel is running smoothly. most traffic to the left of the screen is the southbound traffic going into the tunnel. no incidents northbound. the roadwork near keith avenue is clear. a health alert this
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morning. be careful if you are eating canteloupe. the food and drug administration is working with the centers for disease control and prevention so determine the source of a canteloupe responsible for a listeria outbreak. more than two dozen cases have been record reported in 17 states and four people died thus far. no reports of sickness in maryland at this point. experts say the government needs to take action in the battle against diabetes. 366 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. this year one diabetic is spec to die every seven -- expect to die every seven seconds. when you are training for a marathon your diet consist of a lot of carbs and fruits and vegetables. but for one woman her diet consist of mcdonald's. all three meals. emily is training to run for the long beach marathon and trying to raise money for the ronald mcdonald house so for 31 days leading up to the race she will have mcdonald's every day
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every meal all the time. >> i love running and fast-food and i figured if i could put thetwo together and raise money for a charity why not. >> the cause is close to her heart. when she was 13 her brother died of brain cancer and she says she is doing this for him. news time 5:13. the biggest fire minnesota has seen in decades. it's not just minnesota feeling the effects. how it started and what floated -- slowed it down a bit for firefighters. and they hold the weirdest bragging rights but somebody what are they doing? somebody got to do it. we will take you to a ceremony for the guinness book of world records when "good morning maryland returns. thank you for starting your day with us. ries.
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thanks bruce. thanks bruce. it's really great to be here today, it is. mark and i just wrote this great book called goat, me, che now "good morning maryland. a change in weather has crews trying to stop the spread of a wild fire. it has grown by 100,000 acres and sent smoke to the canadian border. it's the biggest fire they have seen in decades in minnesota. it grew nearly 10 fold in a week. firefighters are putting energies into battling it from
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the air and setting up fire lines. >> one of the interfaces with infrastructure and potentially threatening homes and that's where we have to step in and turn things around. >> firefighters say the reprieve from the weather may only be temporary. warmer and drier conditions are expected over the coming weekend. justin. all right. check this out. just was able to upload this photo from last night's storm. kevin novak one of our series ofwonderful professional and semipro photographers wasn't able to get the lightning strikes but got the cars streaking by. that's the theme this morning. >> more streaking. >> more streaking. you see that? hopefully it doesn't look like this on the beltway, hopefully. kevin, thanks very much. what a wonderful photographer. and yesterday if you were able to stay inside a wonderful scene. but we have daylight with the next round of storms
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approaching. it will be different for the 66. we are storm free in baltimore but if you head back, maybe westminster to fredericks and mountains you are finding rain leading the charge to cooler air. it's 50s and 40s across the great lakes and 37 green bay and wisconsin and we have got ourselves a full icebox up there at international falls holding at 27 defrees. you see how we step back, 60s, 50s and 40s and 30s and 20s. cool air spilling back in behind the front. front meaning more business and taps into a little more moisture to get our warm air and a lot of chill. notice this cluster of clouds. that's the core of the cold air and the final push may stay to the north. we will get a sampling of this canadian air mass that will build in for a few days as high pressure slides in and rides to the north. and actually starts to pick up atlantic moisture as we head through next week. but there's the circulation well to the north. there eatennery and typically when the storms are that far away, we get robbed by the mountains as the lines do split up and that is what our computer model is seeing. we will have spotty showers and
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thunderstorms. the best shot will be later on this morning. total until-- until the afternoon and we will notice the winds from the northwest and because of the wet ground i am concerned we will lose trees and power lines and take it down with clear skies and temperatures will be down in the 40s. but today a midday high of 74. showers storms early afternoon and tanking to 46 overnight. and it will be 50s by the bay and tanya high temperatures in the 60s tomorrow and saturday. still trying to fight off a fair amount of cloudiness but the nicer day is sunday and we are back to 70.>> reporter: thanks so much. nice weather coming up. train 401 on the marc train approaching bowie state is about 7 minutes late as it makes its way down to college park. on the roads, this is the beltway. a live look at the beltway. we have volume out there but no incidents between catonsville and arbutus and not from wood lawn. 795 is moving finance -- 859 is
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moving fine. -- 895 is moving fine. 5:20. australian fugitive wanted on charges of placing a fake bomb around a woman's neck is waive extra diction and is ex- extradition and is expect to return home. he fastened a fake bomb on a millionaire's neck on her way home. guinness book of world records anouned a pick for 2012 on wednesday. the publishers invited the holders from london for the award ceremony near the parliament building. new zealand entertainer showed how she could craw through a tennis racket and fold herself in a box. guinness started in ireland and it appeared annually ever since. one of the world's all time best sellers. they are work hard to get packages to its defendant -- working hard to get your packsages to its destination.
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ups's new policy intended to spare you headaches. if you missed out on target missoni, you know, what we are going show you where to get the items and the problem is the price swept up -- went up. we will bring you what's new, now and next. good morning, maryland. sa. 
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we put our vegetables on the grill. now "good morning maryland." if you hate. [audio not understandable] ups is trying to do something to solve your headache and save them cash. the my choice membership starts october 3rd free to customers and will be given for a four- hour window for a delivery date and they are going to help authorize another option if you want to upgrade a bit. you will have a different option from which to choose. premium customers will have a a shorter deliver -- will have a shorter delivery window. bad news for peanut butter lovers and i am one of them. because of the drought and record heat in texas and georgia, the peanut crop is
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suffering drastically. as result, jiff will raise the cost of a 18-ounce yarr about 3.19 to 4.15. it goes into effect november. the designer line available at target left the store shelves bear but all is not lost if you missed out. apparently you can find some of the items online but don't expect to pay the target price a sweater sold for $39 is now $99. we looked it up and want to show you what's going on. ebay maybe the best option. last check target's website the majority of the clothing items were sold out and they were out of stock. we went on ebay to see what's going on. and you see some of this right now 45 dollars, 59 dollars. they have some stuff you can bid at 34.99 but buy it at 60 bucks and more than if you went to target. police. police in california are on the hunt for three suspects
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caught on tape breaking into a store. what the crooks were able to get and why it may take a while for police to find them. and the search is on for the best. [audio not understandable] how to pick the winner. really. let's go to new york for the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites more turmoil at yahooch the upheaval was triggered by the firing of the ceo by the chairman of the board over the phone. and now a major shareholder wants the chairman out and says no one can work with the clowns on the board. yahoo says the board welcomes constructive criticism. there's even talk of selling or breaking up yahoo. ebay is known as an auction site but most of the sales now are brand new merchandise at fixed prices like other online retail sites. so they are starting an ad campaign to change the image and to appear more hip. the commercials push the use of mobile devices for immediate sales. and here's good news for spring customers, wireless carrier is expected to offer an unlimited data plan for the iphone 5.
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something that neither at&t or verizon do. highly anticipated derise is expected to hit stores come mid october. and those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson. this is bruce aidells saying good cooking is worth living.
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a recall of a popular fruit. how it can affect you in days to come. authorities in anne arundel county search for two men after a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, neighbors in the area want increased police presence. it just recorded us. >> take a photo snapshot. >> uh-huh. the latest youtube sensation this oregon couple what


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